Vine Creators Get Your App Update Now!

If you are a fan and a content creator of Vine, you will likely highly appreciate a new feature that just rolled out to iOS this week! Vine creators (or vineographers) looking for ways to generate that next best re-vine count, may now have a bit more freedom to obtain those goals. While we know there have been a number of workarounds in the past, the native addition of the “Import” feature is a nice touch.

The New Vine Camera

Vine has dubbed the update to their Social Video Vine iOS App, “The New Vine Camera.” With the newly released camera features, you are now given the ability to “Shoot, Import, Edit and Share.” While the sharing feature isnt necessarily new, it still sounds catchy. With that aside, it’s a huge change that Vine has decided to “unlock” these feature sets. It’s not technically amazing that the feature exists from a programming or development standpoint, however, it is amazing that the developers over at Vine have updated their previous “niche” recording and uploading strategy natively right from within their App.

The Original Vine

When Vine first launched, from what is widely understood of how they were set apart from other networks such as Vimeo, YouTube, or even Facebook for mobile video point-and-shoot uploads, was the fact that you can start/pause/restart the video. However, you weren’t previously able natively “Import” a video, and needless to say, “Edit” any videos imported either. This will likely change the Vine we all once knew, and only time will tell on how the new Vine camera changes will impact the future of the Vine network!

What To Expect Next?

I am sure this will likely open the door to more copyright issues that they have not yet previously had to face when compared to networks like YouTube, etc. Whatever new issues they may be up against, could sharply out-weigh the new freedom this has given the world whom hold the creative talent that Vine was built for. I am excited to see what everyone will bring to Vine being that the potential has been greatly unlocked, and potentially previously underestimated.

Now, the question that should be asked: What are you going to do with these great new features on Vine?


App Feature Update Screenshots:

Vine App Update


Vine Import



Vine New Camera