I get it, there are Gazillions of collaboration apps in the web. And quite frankly, a lot of them work really well. We have TeamworkPM, Asana, Basecamp and a whole lot more out there that experts use.

However, I’d like for us to talk about one specific app that I feel isn’t given its much needed attention.

Which collaboration app am I talking about? I know that the title is a giveaway but let me say this with a hint of ‘epicness’ nonetheless. The app that I’m talking about is none other than – wait for it – Trello!

And here’s why your team should start using it now!

1.) The app is so intuitive and easy to use.

The gist of the process is (1) Create a card for the new project, (2) add descriptions on it, and lastly (3) assign the team members on the card whom you want to handle the project.

That’s about it.

From there, your team can pretty much work like clockwork.

Project Collaboration

2.) You can sign-up for it lightning fast!

When I said lighting fast I wasn’t kidding.

It usually takes you 2 – 3 minutes to register/sign-up for a service. But with Trello, it takes you 3 – 5 clicks.

Yep.  You heard it. I said clicks.

You can do that in less than 25 seconds! This is only true of course if you’re already using a gmail account – which I’m quite sure you are. 🙂

3.) It’s free.

I know right.

Despite how amazing Trello is, it’s for free.

While Trello does in fact have a paid service – the Trello Business Class or Trello Gold, the free service alone is almost always good enough for most businesses.

However, if you want to use the Trello Business Class, you can have it for $5 per user/month or you can go for the $45 per user per year for each organization.

Here are a few things that the Trello Business Class can give you.

Project Collaboration

1.) More control – You can add deactivate members, connect Google apps, etc.

2.) You’ll get a whopping 250 megabytes attachment.

3.) Everyone in your team will also have the features of Trello gold.

Among many others…

* Important note – You can use the Trello Gold for free (for a month up to 12 months) if you refer other users.

However, if you can also just pay $5 per person per month or $45 per year for Trello Gold.

We’d love to hear your ideas.

Project Collaboration
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If you haven’t used Trello yet, then it’s high time that you and your team start using it. Please share your thoughts on the app and tell us what you and your time liked most about it.

However, if you’re ALREADY a Trello user, then please comment below and share some tips and tricks on how you and your team are effectively using it.

I hope to hear from you soon. Cheers!