The Journey to a New Beginning and a New Blog


I think we all grow in many ways over time, whether we like it or not. Growth is an inevitable part of life, and it often comes with its set of challenges and revelations.

Over the past few years, I’ve been navigating through a particularly tough phase, grappling with worsening health issues that have tested me in ways I never anticipated, especially at only age 38. Fast forward a bit, and these last 18 months have been among the most challenging periods of my life.

I love to write and I’ve long said I find it to be therapeutic, one way or another. So, I’m planning to document a bit of my journey surrounding my efforts in trying to prevent my health conditions from worsening. I would love for my significant other and four (4) children to be able to spend as much time with me as possible, and vice versa! However, I also realize that what I’m up against is almost impossible – because there is no known cure for what I have, at the moment. I’m essentially on a quest for more time in this world by focusing on my health and trying to stay proactive against the progression. While I know that alone won’t be enough, it’s better than doing nothing.

If, and I hope you never are, but if you are ever prescribed medications that state something on the label like “life-extending medication,” then you and I may be in the same boat, but like I said, I hope you never are. In short, I’ve recently been put on multiple different cardiac, pain, and neurological medications (just to say the least). In early 2023 I also started losing feeling in my feet and in my hands, which have since progressed up my limbs. Now, I am starting to lose some feeling in various parts of my body, including all the way up to my nose and mouth. I was hospitalized a few weeks back after a significant cardiac event and a call to 911, unexpectedly forcing me to really think a whole lot about life, my past, my future, the people around me, and my desired direction. 

This recent period of reflection has definitely prompted me to prioritize changes that align more closely with my core values. I also want to be more open with what I truly feel, and not just what the reader wants to always see. Therefore I have finally made a decision to no longer contribute to I’ve kept this online since my last post in 2018, with unclear direction until now.

I still very much love sharing knowledge with people! That knowledge can come in the form of, but not limited to, written words, verbal advice, demonstrations, or even tangible products. Overall, it gives me more purpose in life, and to me, there’s nothing better than being able to help others. One thing I’ve learned is that you can help someone individually, one-on-one, and while that’s never anything to take for granted, there is just a different level of fulfillment in being able to help people at scale. The internet does that for me via blogging, just for one example.

I can write about or create something, and potentially have millions of people see it. So, with all of the above said, I want to focus on a more health and food-conscious blog while tying in as much “tech” as I can along the way. Because after all… that’s what I love. So, I invite you to follow my new blog at

Primarily, it’s about my journey, the things I’ve learned in relation to nutrition and exercise, as well as any related technology that’s helped me in one way or another. I have a few other fun categories I’ll still add in like “Thoughts of Newton,” with no real limit on the topics it can reach and more categories such as Cyber Security, Parenting, Patents, Farm Life, and more!

It will be fun and I can’t wait to share all of this knowledge stuck in my head, hoping that it can help others. See you there. 😉