Failbetter Games has announced the newest entry into the ever-growing Dragon Age franchise. Entitled “The Last Court”, the developer has released information regarding the premise of the upcoming game. Detailed to be a text-based adventure that can be played straight from your browser, fans of Failbetter Games’ previous title, Fallen London, will feel right at home. The Last Court will be heavily narrative-focused in a text-driven format. Failbetter’s Chris Gardiner went into further detail on the setting for the game. Taking place in the mostly French-inspired country of Orlais, you play as the ruler of Serault, a fiefdom located at the furthest edges of the country.

Choosing between playing as a Hunter or Scholar, you play during one of the most crucial time periods for the land and your choices directly affect the outcome of the story. Your decisions affect if the fiefdom’s greatest Shame is forgiven or if the area falls away into the obscurity. The gameplay consists of managing the affairs of the land through the royal court system. You have the option to select your own counselor, bodyguard, accomplice, and like any good Dragon Age game, lover. With these partners on your team, you then have to solve and address the concerns of your people.

Some of the choices that Failbetter mentioned you will have a say in are things like deciding if the outlaws, revolutionaries, or ancient evil in the woods are the greatest threat to your land and how you should deal with them. You also have the choice to discover secrets and explore in whatever path you want, be it the Sealed Chantry or the forest. Along the way, the developer says that it is possible to meet familiar faces from past Dragon Age games. The Last Court releases ‘soon’ on the Dragon Age Keep service. For all things Dragon Age, keep it locked right here.