I’m not necessarily a huge fan of Facebook. Although, it is widely used just about by everyone I know, with some exceptions. It’s undoubtedly one of the most popular social networks to ever exist, so far.

I can see where Facebook is wrongly heading with Messenger.

From a UX perspective, the app itself isn’t all that bad. I don’t know why people have been giving it such negative feedback thus far.

While it’s a separate download for both iOS and Android, you aren’t exactly required to use it, for now. Eventually it will be mandatory to use along-side of Facebook’s App, to chat via mobile devices, unless Facebook turn’s “Messenger” down another path.

If you are familiar with iMessage, Skype or Hangouts you will have noticed some similarities to Facebooks Messenger. They all allow chatting via a web-browser or desktop app, vs traditional (device only) SMS messaging.

If you were to research or compare their respective user base, Facebook might have everyone beat here when it comes to reach.

What is Facebook Trying to Do in the Long Term?

It’s possible that Facebook is trying to create harmony between multiple communication app solutions that exist. Maybe they hope users will ditch the competitors for theirs.

In theory, it’s not an “ingenious” plan. Why? If Facebook really wants to create harmonious solution, they really should consider 3rd party integration into one messaging app. Instead of trying to convey themselves as a new contender to the messenger space we are all, already consumed by.

Let’s just think for a moment… What were to happen, if someone big like “Facebook”, created a messenger that allowed other apps to consolidate their chat platforms into theirs via the API’s? Could this give everyone else the tools necessary to finally create a single unified messaging platform?

For those Blackberry users out there, just look at the “Blackberry Hub.” They were onto something there, but just didn’t go far enough with it.