I was a bit surprised to come across this app on iTunes today. After reading their tagline, I had to install it to see if it was really what it claimed to be. Yup, sure enough, you can now order alcohol from an APP and have it sent to your doorstep in just half an hour (give or take).

Unfortunately they aren’t serving my area yet (Dallas-Ft. Worth) , but we can only hope that their business model takes off sooner than later for them to be able to deliver to any corner ordered from.

Currently, Drizly is serving 5 major metro areas at the time of this writing.

  1. Boston
  2. New York
  3. Chicago
  4. Denver
  5. Los Angeles

Grab the APP if you have a moment. Just note that while the app is “free”, you can expect to at least pay for the booze! Would you use Drizly when they make it to your area ? What about if you travel into an area they service ?