Mirror’s Edge was a game that didn’t exactly take off the way developer EA thought it would. To those who missed the game when it first came out, Mirror’s Edge takes place in a beautiful dystopia where all information is heavily controlled and filter. Groups called runners serve as information couriers, particularly the illegal kind. The game focuses on a runner who must uncover a political conspiracy to protect here sister.

What made Mirror’s Edge such a unique and fun game was that it was a first person game that didn’t have a focus on shooting. While there was gunplay in the game, what really made it special was that it was based around parkour and gave the player the ability to approach the action anyway they wanted. The game had some great reviews, but fell just short of being a hit. Regardless of that fact, fans have been eagerly awaiting any news regarding a sequel and while there has yet to be an official greenlight, EA studio heads have been mulling over the possibility of doing a sequel for some time. But it’s still a matter of whether or not there is enough interest in the project to warrant production.