343 Industries, in collaboration with IGN, have announced the final Halo 2 Multiplayer Map that will be recreated entirely using the Halo 4 engine for the Halo: Master Chief Collection coming to Xbox One. Warlock, originally found in Halo 2’s renowned multiplayer, will now be called Warlord in the Anniversary edition of Halo 2. Warlock will be joining five more of its brethren: Ascension (now called Zenith), Coagulation (Bloodline), Sanctuary (Shrine), and Zanzibar (Stonetown). All six of the maps are being recreated entirely from scratch using Halo 4’s engine just for the Master Chief Collection in full 1080p HD and 60fps (frames per second).

Fans (including myself) can be happy to know that Warlock and the other Halo 2 maps are all being recreated by the studio, Certain Affinity, who has collaborated with 343 Industries before. The team in charge of Halo 2’s multiplayer is being led by Max Hoberman, the lead multiplayer designer for the original Halo 2. It seems that Warlock was an interesting choice for the final remake map, as it is already a remake of a Halo 1 map. Regardless, fans shouldn’t be alarmed if their favorite map wasn’t chosen to be remade, as every single map ever created in the Halo franchise will be available in full HD resolution and tweaked to work for Xbox One exactly as they were all those years ago. Those maps just won’t be completely re-imagined, like Warlock and the other five maps. Let us know in the comments if you’re excited for the Master Chief Collection and for all things Halo, keep it locked right here.