These days it seems like you can’t release a video game without having some kind of special edition to go with it, so why would we expect Halo 4, the return of one of gaming’s greatest icons to be any different? Instead of simply a game and a statue, Microsoft has instead decided to release a Halo 4 special edition Xbox. What does the special edition Xbox include? A Halo 4 themed Xbox, two Halo 4 themed controllers, a special start up screen, different light colors than a regular Xbox, and of course a copy of Halo 4. There are also special avatar skins and other downloadable goodies for Halo fans.

Cosmetic changes aside, there isn’t really anything different about this Xbox from others, but if you are a Halo completionist then this is an absolute must. Besides, if you’re a hardcore Halo fan you’re not gonna not have this. Plus it may be a sound investment if your Xbox is starting to give you Red Ring of Death worries.