Looks like Chuck's about to drop the bass.

We’ve talked at length before about Capcom’s increasing woes as of late. While they are starting to produce better quality games, nothing can shield the fact that they are still in trouble from the public. Capcom’s Vancouver branch, the branch responsible for the Dead Rising games, has just let go of twenty employees, which numbers up to seven percent of that branch’s staff.

While one would assume that the reason for letting go of these employees is a result of lagging sales or some other money oriented problem the actual reason given by the company is that those let go of were an “unsuitable fit for company goals”…whatever that’s supposed to mean. It seems simply that Capcom is taking itself in new directions, directions that perhaps not everyone at the company agrees with. One of the stranger things about the layoffs is that Capcom went on to say that their Vancouver branch “still growing aggressively and seeking great talent.” What makes this odd is that it indicates that perhaps the company was weeding out certain members to replace them and that the layoffs were pre-emptive.

Keep in mind that any reasons other than the ones given by Capcom are pure speculation. But speculation is easy when the company has been in a relative state of turmoil for years. Capcom may still be a gaming juggernaut, but more and more gamers and developers are starting to see that the emperor has no clothes.