Slender is a new (and free) survival horror game that has a relatively simple premise: gather eight pages before the Slenderman catches you. Simple, right? Well not so much when your only form of defense from the slender man is to run. If you want to be able to beat the game, then here are Slender Tips and Tricks and tricks that you will need.

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Think Fast

One of the most important tricks to remember is to KEEP MOVING. This means you need to have the controls absolutely memorized. You’ll have to train your eyes to notice pages, especially when push comes to shove and you have to book it out of an area. Pages will typically stand out in their environment, though if you are in the bathroom area they may blend in. You also need to be sure to inspect trees in the game as sometimes the pages will appear there.

Randomization Is Your Enemy

One of the most difficult aspects of Slender’s gameplay is the fact that the location of the pages is seemingly completely randomized. While it is likely that the pages do have designated areas that simply change each time you load the game, it is also possible that they have simply been randomized. However, sticking to the generalized locations of the pages is a good method to use when trying to find them. Keep in mind that it may take a few attempts, but all good horror games require just a little patience.


The Sound of Terror

One of the key features of the game is the presence of the sound of thunderous footsteps behind you at all times. Every other page you collect will result in the footsteps becoming louder and faster, which means that Slenderman is getting closer to you. Use these sounds as an indicator as to how much time you may have left before you encounter him.

Maintaining Sanity

One of the key ways to slow Slenderman down in his pursuit is to turn and look at him. This is a callback to the mythology around the character that states he doesn’t like to be looked at (especially by cameras). While it may be tempting to try and stare him down, this takes a toll on the player’s sanity. Staring at Slenderman for too long will end up with a game over for the player. The trick is to very quickly glance at him and then start moving again.

He’s Everywhere

This is the part that will frustrate many of the people who play this game because it almost makes the game seem rigged: Slenderman teleports. He can keep up with the player if the player has gone too far. The only advantage you have at that point is to turn your flashlight off. This will put you in the (obviously scary) position of having to wander through the game in the dark to try and figure out where to go next, but it will give you at least a momentary advantage. You have to discriminate between when and where to have your flashlight turned off.