Alienware Area 51 – The Gaming PC that Looks Out of this World.

Any good hardcore gamer around the world knows who Alienware is. They are the company that gets all the credit for creating the most powerful gaming PC’s and laptops. This PC’s...

Pomodairo – The Best Pomodoro Timer?

Let me set this straight - I was not paid or given any kind of incentives by the creators of Pomodairo (although they can if they want to - just saying...
Blackout buddy

The Blackout Buddy H2O is a Water Activated Emergency Light

You know what is ironic? It is when you finally need an emergency light just to find out that its already broken or degraded. That would pretty much be a very...

LowePro 450 AW ProTactic – The Best Mirrorless or DSLR Camera Bag? (Review)

I'm getting ready to head out of town this next week and I've been looking everywhere for a camera bag that would work for me. My list of requirements are not...
Mind map - Mindomo

Top 5 Mind Mapping Tool for Your Business

No matter what kind of business you’ll run, you’ll always benefit from using mind maps. That’s a fact! Considering how running a business has different aspects to it that you need to...
5K Retina IMac

Apple Unveils Its New 5K Retina IMac

Keeping up with competition, Apple announced it’s new more affordable IMac last June. But today, they dropped another announcement with the unveiling of a humongous 5k retina display IMac. In an industry...
Dremel 3d20

Dremel 3D20-01, Making 3D printing more Accessible to the Average Joe

Ever since its inception, 3D printing has forever changed the face of modern technology. With the hundreds of possible applications, 3D printers would be a useful and worthwhile tool for people...

WattUp Charges Your Phone without Having to Plug It In

Nowadays barely anyone ever puts down their phones anymore; this would only happen if they go swimming or if they need to charge it. And even then, they still crave to...
Project Management - Asana

5 Project Management Apps for Your Business

Managing a team from a far doesn’t have to be such a hell of  job. With the right techniques, systems, and the right tools,  you can dramatically improve your team’s performance...


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