Sony seems to have definitely won out with Gamescom thus far with their announcement of new, innovative titles for their exclusive line of PS3 games. The only thing that could possibly ruin the high that Sony is on is for Playstation Network to be hacked like it was a year ago…and that is almost exactly what they were faced with yesterday when a tweet from the group Anonymous, who many believe were responsible for last year’s PSN blackout, tweeted that they had allegedly hacked the Network again. What was even more frustrating was that they had implied that they had made off with the user information of over ten million users. Playstation fans were up in arms within minutes.

This story, however, had a happy ending (though not one that ended with a Welcome Back program and free games) . In less than an hour the tweets from Anonymous turned out to be nothing but bragging for something they hadn’t even actually done. It wasn’t long before Sony had stated that there was no hack at all and that everyone’s user info was safe. Further confirming this was the fact that Anonymous took down their tweet after Sony denied the initial reports. This was great news over something that could have turned out very badly for both Sony and Playstation fans.