Half-Life 3 is running dangerously close to being the next Duke Nukem Forever in terms of being stuck in development hell. Gabe Newell has been extremely coy about when or even if Half-Life 3 would see the light of day. Fans have been infuriated with just how close to the chest he’s been playing his cards, but a schedule leak for Gamescon has gamers thinking he may finally be ready to budge. An image posted online that appears to be a legitimate Gamescom schedule has Valve slated to do a presentation of some sort regarding Half-Life 3.

Before fans get anymore excited than they already are, it should be noted that Valve is notorious for dragging anything involving this game out for as long as they can, so this could merely be them making gamers wait again or little more than a progress update. Either way, if this does turn out to be the announcement we’ve been waiting an eternity for then we’ll have everything you need to know as soon as the info is available!