HTC Desire Eye

HTC Desire Eye – Another Phone that’s Great for Selfies

Selfies! Let me just go ahead and get it out my system by saying I'm not a huge fan of it. But hey, it’s part of life now. Pop culture and social...
Uber selfies for passenger safety

Uber Using Selfies to Keep Passengers Safe

Ride-sharing service Uber has over eight million users across the globe. Yet, while their locations may differ, many of them share a common concern: safety. Hoping to improve safety and protect passengers...

Boxer for Android OS – Now Available, Tested & Reviewed!

Boxer for Android is Now Available! Ok, hold on here... Someone finally made an android email App and got it "RIGHT?" For as long as I can remember, using Android off and on...
Android One

Google Plans to Launch Android One Soon

The past few weeks the whole world and the net were abuzz with all the news of new innovations and releases from big smart phone brands. A lot of these phones...

7 Proven and Tested Apps to Help Skyrocket Your Team’s Productivity

The more productive your team is, the better returns you’ll get. May it be financially, increasing your team’s sense of accomplishment, or even building your team’s self esteem. It’s exactly because of...

The Endless Android Tips and Tricks Series – Part 6

What’s up guys? You ready for some more android tips and tricks? Today we keep it a bit more simple by teaching you some basic things that most of us don’t...

Tried DoorDash? A Disgusting Afterthought, No One’s Talking About.

I'm sure you've heard of Uber, right? Well, then maybe you've heard of DoorDash too? On the off chance that you haven't, DoorDash is a similar business model to Uber. The...
Android Tips and tricks part 5

The Endless Android Tips and Tricks Series – Part 5

We’re back for more android tips and tricks. And today, we want to focus on a very important button and what to do if you ever lose this button. What button...
Android tips and tricks

The Endless Android Tips and Tricks Series – Part 15

Another day and we got another batch of Android tips and tricks for you guys out there. We just compiled a bunch of nifty things you can do with your android...

The New Vine Camera – Major Social APP Update

Vine Creators Get Your App Update Now! If you are a fan and a content creator of Vine, you will likely highly appreciate a new feature that just rolled out to iOS this week!...