WattUp Charges Your Phone without Having to Plug It In

Nowadays barely anyone ever puts down their phones anymore; this would only happen if they go swimming or if they need to charge it. And even then, they still crave to...
Instagram hyperlapse

Instagram – Launch of the New Hyperlapse App!

Good news for all Iphone users out there who love taking videos using their mobile devices. If you are like me, videos always come out shaky because of hands that are...

This App Will Help Grow Your Twitter Following Automatically!

Get more Followers on Twitter with this App Important note - This guide will teach you an almost passive way of growing your Twitter following. If you’re looking to do just that...
Contacts to Twitter

Adding Contacts to Twitter via MS Excel and a .CSV File

You've managed to execute a solid email marketing campaign and have garnered thousands of sign-ups. Now that you have thousands of people in your email list, you're now wondering how you'll...
Android tips and tricks Part 9

The Endless Android Tips and Tricks Series – Part 9

It’s another week and we’ve got another batch of Android tips and tricks for you. The android system keeps changing and it could be a challenge to find out all the...

Facebook Falls on Its Face: “Like”?

Whether Facebook's recent string of bad luck is divinely inspired (who knows), brought upon themselves (quite possible), or it’s just plain old chance (more than likely) it all stings the same....

YouTube Fan Funding Introduces a Tip Jar For Video Makers

Despite the brevity of some YouTube videos, from a viewer’s perspective it’s hard to understand the effort that goes into each bite-sized chunk of easily digestible content. For one there’s the...
IRIS + personal drone

Taking Selfies in a Whole New Level with the IRIS + Personal drone

Talk about epic selfies! Somebody has just found a way for you to have your very own personal automated drone to follow you around and take awesome pictures of whatever you...