Android one phones

Google Launches its First Batch of Android One Powered Phones

Google has now launched its first batch among a line of phones that would contain the new android system the Android One. As mentioned on an earlier article, Google has announced...

iPhone 5: All Systems Go For June Release? Good News for Sprint if True!

Signs are certainly pointing to a June release, but hey, it could just be wishful thinking on the part of those of us that are ‘not so patiently’ waiting for it....

Microsoft Replacing Noisy Consoles

Last week, Microsoft announced that until the 13th of September, any purchase of the Xbox One console will net you any free Xbox One game of your choice. Now, this week,...

Google Showcase ‘Project Wing’ Drone Delivery Service

How do you feel about drones? Do you think they’re an easier more manageable way of doing things and going to places where humans can’t? Or are you terrified of them...

Amazon Echo Sees 400% Sales Increase Over the Holidays

The Amazon Echo smart speaker sees a huge increase in sales over the holiday period. According to VoiceLabs, a voice analytics firm, sales of the Amazon Echo rose by 400% between November...

Alienware Area 51 – The Gaming PC that Looks Out of this World.

Any good hardcore gamer around the world knows who Alienware is. They are the company that gets all the credit for creating the most powerful gaming PC’s and laptops. This PC’s...

Some Window’s Phone Users May Be as Mad as a Flock of Angry Birds

  According to Microsoft - Size Matters Are you a Nokia Lumia 610 user? Or maybe you have another lower end Windows phone? There is nothing wrong with that. Until, that is, you...

Square Enix Unveils Streaming Service

A new report from Gematsu was released today, detailing Square Enix's next big innovation in the gaming industry. The Japanese powerhouse behind mega-franchises like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Tomb Raider...
NVIDIA Shield tablet

The NVIDIA Shield Tablet – Taking Mobile Gaming Up a Notch

Ever since the release of the Iphone and the android Phones and tablets, the mobile industry has changed the face of gaming. People who weren’t originally interested in games all suddenly...
LG 34UC97

The LG 34UC97 is a Beautifully Curved 34”inch Monitor

On one of our earlier articles we talked about 5 gadgets that are going to be big this year, one of them being the curved monitor. Samsung has already showed its...