SafeSleeve Review – Why Everyone Needs One

SafeSleeve Review - It's a Good Buy. Whenever you buy a new mobile device, chances are good that you take the time to research about the device’s specs and the reviews it’s...
iPhone wireless charging rumor

Report: New iPhones to Feature Wireless Charging

Apple's new iPhones will feature wireless charging, according to a new report. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via MacRumors) says that Apple will release three new iPhone handsets this year and...

Casio Selfie Camera Marketed as Pricy Fashion Accessory

A brand new camera by Casio has been unveiled to the Eastern market, and it's being marketed as a great fashion accessory for selfie lovers out there. Whilst there have been many recent...
Nokia Lumia

Microsofts’ New Phones – The Nokia Lumia 830, Lumia 730, and Lumia 735

Not wanting to be outdone by HTC and preparing to face off with Apple, Microsoft who has just recently acquired the smartphone business from Nokia has released his own batch of...

Five New Types of Gadgets Expected to Go Big in 2015

The word gadget is a broad term - it could apply to your smartphone, but it could also apply to your electric toothbrush, and for that reason, it's often hard to...

Alienware Area 51 – The Gaming PC that Looks Out of this World.

Any good hardcore gamer around the world knows who Alienware is. They are the company that gets all the credit for creating the most powerful gaming PC’s and laptops. This PC’s...
Sharp Aquos Crystal Smartphone

Sharp Aquos Crystal Smartphone

Among all the hullabaloo of new releases from familiar brands such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, and more, it is pretty amazing to see companies with enough guts to bring out...
Scribble Stylus and Pen

Scribble Stylus and Pen – Making the World More Colorful the Hi-tech Way!

Good news for all the designers and graphic artist out there! No longer do you need to scan through different color palettes to try and match the right color of the...

Unreal Engine 4 Now Free for Students

Anyone interested in video game development will be happy to know that Epic Games have announced today that they are making their latest engine, Unreal Engine 4, available for the low,...
Blackout buddy

The Blackout Buddy H2O is a Water Activated Emergency Light

You know what is ironic? It is when you finally need an emergency light just to find out that its already broken or degraded. That would pretty much be a very...