Batman: Arkham City recently made our list of the top five best superhero games ever. Its dedication towards telling the best Batman story possible paired with exhilarating gameplay made you actually feel like the Dark Knight. The game ended on a pretty massive note and Harley Quinn’s Revenge, the latest piece of DLC for the game expands upon that ending.

A quick warning, this review contains massive spoilers for the ending of Arkham City, so read on at your own peril.

Harley Quinn’s Revenge takes place weeks after the events of Arkham City. The Joker is dead and Harley Quinn is in homicidal mourning. Harley has formed her own gang and is determined to make Batman pay for the Joker’s death, despite it being Joker’s fault in the first place. To make matters worse, Batman has been missing for two days, blaming himself for the deaths of both Joker and Talia Al Ghul. The only one who can find out what happened to Batman and put a stop to Quinn’s rampage is Robin.

If you have played the previous DLC as Robin, then it will not come as a surprise that Robin is a decidedly weaker character to play as than Batman. When you play as Batman there is no doubt that you’re going to mop the floor with the ten to twenty guys you face at once. With Robin, however, you’re going to have to fight harder. This makes the game more frustrating for those who are used to playing as Batman. You really can’t wait for the Robin parts to be over because it is frustratingly more difficult to play as him than it is as Batman.

The biggest problem with this bit of DLC is that it’s just so darn short. You would expect that paying a sixth of the price of the full game would have bought you a longer experience, but Harley Quinn’s Revenge is over in less than an hour. This would be fine if not for the fact that the DLC ends with lingering questions. Nothing is solved by the end of the game. Quinn’s plan is little more than blowing up parts of Arkham City. You face off with her twice, and the first time only takes about five minutes. The game ends with as many questions as it starts with. It’s a good bit of DLC for completionists, but it really doesn’t add to the ending of the main game.