Adobe Releases New Mobile Apps for the IOS

Here’s some good news for all you techie artist out there. Adobe has just recently released mobile apps with artistic applications that no one has ever seen before. The releases of 7...
Google Allo smart messaging app launch

Google’s Smart Messaging App ‘Allo’ Released on iOS and Android

Google Allo, the smart messaging app that the company announced during its 2016 I/O conference, has now been released on iOS and Android. “The app will be live worldwide in the...
Uber selfies for passenger safety

Uber Using Selfies to Keep Passengers Safe

Ride-sharing service Uber has over eight million users across the globe. Yet, while their locations may differ, many of them share a common concern: safety. Hoping to improve safety and protect passengers...
Apple Maps iOS 8

Apple Buys GPS Company ‘Coherent Navigation’

The Maps app in iOS does not have the greatest reputation. Back in 2012, Apple made the huge decision to replace its Google-powered Maps app with one that was made by...
Android Tips and tricks part 5

The Endless Android Tips and Tricks Series – Part 5

We’re back for more android tips and tricks. And today, we want to focus on a very important button and what to do if you ever lose this button. What button...

Are you sold on Facebook Messenger?

I'm not necessarily a huge fan of Facebook. Although, it is widely used just about by everyone I know, with some exceptions. It's undoubtedly one of the most popular social networks to ever...
android tips and tricks

The Endless Android Tips and Tricks Series – Part 13

The more apps Google play store releases, the more apps we Android users would want to have on our mobile devices. The problem is that apps take storage space and nowadays...

Drizly – Alcohol Delivered from a Mobile APP

I was a bit surprised to come across this app on iTunes today. After reading their tagline, I had to install it to see if it was really what it claimed...

The Endless Android Tips and Tricks Series – Part 6

What’s up guys? You ready for some more android tips and tricks? Today we keep it a bit more simple by teaching you some basic things that most of us don’t...

One Feature, Apple Could Stand to Learn from Other Mobile OS’s

Help ! We need to not be so user friendly for a change. I want to be able to edit documents, and keep them all in one location so that I do...