Pomodairo – The Best Pomodoro Timer?

Let me set this straight - I was not paid or given any kind of incentives by the creators of Pomodairo (although they can if they want to - just saying...
Scribble Stylus and Pen

Scribble Stylus and Pen – Making the World More Colorful the Hi-tech Way!

Good news for all the designers and graphic artist out there! No longer do you need to scan through different color palettes to try and match the right color of the...
Sony NWZ - WS610

The Sony Walkman NWZ – WS610, Goes Wherever You Go

From the top of your head, give me a list of the things that'd keep you from listening to music on your headphones while doing your daily activities or engaging in...
Google Voice and Hangout

Google Voice and Hangout Integration Updates

It seems like new technology just keep coming and coming, aside from the phones that were just recently released, android based accessories have also been coming into play. Each week consumers...
Dyson 360 eye robotic vacuum

Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum – Clean Your House the Hi-tech Way!

Everyone couldn’t wait to see the house of the future, whenever we hear about it, we always imagine a fully automated house with a self aware digital butler with advanced artificial...
Levitating Speaker

Levitating Audio Speaker from OM Audio

The tech age has brought us all sorts of innovations for our speakers, from its designs to its functionality. Companies have come up with different ways to up the game for...
Screen Capture

The Best Tool for Screen Capture – Awesome Screenshot vs. Jing from TechSmith

Why single out Awesome Screenshot and Jing from Techsmith from all the other tools that can help you with screen capture? Simple, they’re one of the best in the market (if...
Samsung Gear VR

The Samsung Gear VR – High Tech Headgear

Samsung Gear VR - It's a Practical Solution. Now we’ve been going about mobile phones for quite some time now, mainly due to the fact that the companies who are the giants...
Motorola Moto Hint

The Motorola Moto Hint

I’d like to assume that some of you have watched the movie Her, well if you have or haven’t let me just give you a gist of what the movie is....
August smart lock

August Smart Lock is the Answer to Your Locked Door Dilemma

Let me begin by asking you guys two questions. The first is which one do you tend to forget more, your house keys or your smartphone? The second question is, which...