Lenovo Yoga tablet 2

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 – What You Get When Developers Listens to Customers

If you're to be asked about the innovations that you want in a device and the developers apply it, won’t that make you a happy consumer? Of course, they can’t put everything you...

Blackberry 10, Has Serious Potential

Despite what anyone thinks, you should take a few moments to better understand what RIM ( Research In Motion )  or BlackBerry is doing. They are being innovative for a change....
Android lockscreen launcher apps

Awesome Android Lock Screen Launcher Apps

Are you guys bored with the usual stock lock screen options on your android phone? Well, a bunch of developers agree with you on that and if you go on to...
Leaked iPhone 6 Phone Photo

A Legit Apple iPhone 6 Leak – Must See!

Well, with millions of views - this is hard to deny, but not only by the view count but because of the teardown also visible towards the end! You can't deny...

Amazon Unveils Four New Games

Amazon has been busy this year with various new developments and implements with the corporation. Attempting to do just about everything, Amazon has released its own phone, released a streaming set-top...

HTC Finally Breaks Out of Customs and Into Your Hands!

Waiting to Exhale Sprint users all have been holding their breath since they heard that US Customs were putting the big return to sender sticker on HTC’s Evo 4G LTE just  2...

The Endless Android Tips and Tricks Series – Part 1

* Note - This is a series of tips and tricks blog about your Android device. For as long as there is an Android device in the market, this blog series...
The endless android tips and tricks part 11

The Endless Android Tips and Tricks Series – Part 11

Hello everyone. Today we talk about how to better use Google Maps. Google maps is one of the most detailed and updated mapping services on your Android device. If you're lost,...
Android One

Google Plans to Launch Android One Soon

The past few weeks the whole world and the net were abuzz with all the news of new innovations and releases from big smart phone brands. A lot of these phones...

The 4 Sturdiest Smartphones You Can Buy Today

So, after all of the drama surrounding the iPhone 6 Plue bendgate issue, I thought it would only make sense to take a venture down the other end of the scale....