Samsung Galaxy S8 event rumor

Samsung Galaxy S8 To Be Unveiled in April?

Samsung may unveil its Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone at an event in April, 2017, say reports. According to Naver, a site based in Samsung's home country of South Korea, the company has chosen...
Android one phones

Google Launches its First Batch of Android One Powered Phones

Google has now launched its first batch among a line of phones that would contain the new android system the Android One. As mentioned on an earlier article, Google has announced...

The Endless Android Tips and Tricks Series – Part 7

Are you guys ready for another round of android tips and tricks? We’ve covered quite a range of topics but with the system nature of android there will always be new stuff...
HTC One M8

The HTC One M8 is Re-launched with a Windows OS

It looks like HTC is taking another bite out of the Microsoft OS consumer pie. If you are one of the users and fans of the windows mobile system, one brand...
Pronto 12

Pronto 12 – Charge your Smartphone Battery in No Time

So how fast is fast enough when it comes to charging your smartphone battery? 1 hour? 30-40 minutes? Apparently a kickstarter company didn’t think that was fast enough and invented the...
The endless android tips and tricks part 11

The Endless Android Tips and Tricks Series – Part 11

Hello everyone. Today we talk about how to better use Google Maps. Google maps is one of the most detailed and updated mapping services on your Android device. If you're lost,...
Android One

Google Plans to Launch Android One Soon

The past few weeks the whole world and the net were abuzz with all the news of new innovations and releases from big smart phone brands. A lot of these phones...

Apple Pay: Will NFC Finally Catch On?

If you were anywhere near the internet yesterday, you've probably heard all there is to hear about the iPhone 6, but if you haven't, let me give you a quick recap...

Leap Wireless To Offer No Contract iPhone

Tired of having a cell phone contract that threatens to take your first born for cancelling said contract to early? Not to mention having your bill slowly but surely increase every...
Redmi 1S

Redmi 1S – Affordable Smartphone from the China Based Company Xiaomi

We'd like to be as well rounded as possible in this site bringing you news not just about the bigger brands out there, but also to those that serve the niches...