iPad Pro 12.9 vs Surface Pro 4 – The Epic Reality

iPad Pro 12.9 vs Surface Pro 4, They are Epic, However... iPad Pro 12.9 vs Surface Pro 4, which will it be? If you are wanting a device that you can take anywhere, and get...

Amazon Echo Sees 400% Sales Increase Over the Holidays

The Amazon Echo smart speaker sees a huge increase in sales over the holiday period. According to VoiceLabs, a voice analytics firm, sales of the Amazon Echo rose by 400% between November and December in...
Encrypt your android phone

How to Encrypt your Android Phone

With everything that's going on today in the celebrity world where hackers where able to get intimate pictures from their accounts, privacy on your phones and electronic devices has become quite a hot topic....

US Veteran Seeks Funding for Virtual Reality PTSD Treatment

There's no denying the fact that PTSD is a serious issue for returning war veterans across the world, but unfortunately, many aren't getting the help they need to adapt back into a normal home...

Which Smartwatch is Best? LG G Watch R Vs Moto 360

2014 has been an odd year for the mobile industry - whether smartphone owners like it or not, a large amount of well known manufacturers have released new smartwatches this year, and for someone...

Kudos Releases the Ultimate iPad Accessory

iPads New Super Accessory Sidekick A growing interest in the world today is none other than going green to improve our planet and conserve our diminishing resources. There is everything from electric cars, to solar...
Top 5 photo applications

Top 5 Photo Applications

A lot of people like taking pictures on their Smartphones. And I especially love the concept of having my camera right in my phone because I’m not one who enjoys lugging around a big...

Nexus 9 Confirmed – Details Inside

It looks like a little more was revealed at the recent HTC event than was previously planned. Apparently, an HTC exec spoke out and revealed details of the Nexus 9 release date at the event. Whilst...
Android One

Google Plans to Launch Android One Soon

The past few weeks the whole world and the net were abuzz with all the news of new innovations and releases from big smart phone brands. A lot of these phones are taking the...
Pronto 12

Pronto 12 – Charge your Smartphone Battery in No Time

So how fast is fast enough when it comes to charging your smartphone battery? 1 hour? 30-40 minutes? Apparently a kickstarter company didn’t think that was fast enough and invented the Pronto 12, a...


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