HTC Desire Eye

HTC Desire Eye – Another Phone that’s Great for Selfies

Selfies! Let me just go ahead and get it out my system by saying I'm not a huge fan of it. But hey, it’s part of life now. Pop culture and social networks have made...

Competition Aside, Here are 4 Uses for the HTC RE

If you're not too interested in the brand new Desire Eye 'selfie phone' from HTC, you may instead be more curious about the RE, a new camera device that has been suggested to be...

Apple iPad Pro Will Have a Bigger Screen, a Stylus and USB-C, Says Source

Last year, the sales of Apple's iPads really took a hit. Despite tablets having experienced success for almost half a decade, Q4 2014 saw the tablet market suffer its first ever year-over-year sales decline...
Sennheiser Urbanite

Sennheiser Urbanite – Headphones with Substance

For all the music lovers out their Sennheiser has released its new head phone the Sennheiser Urbanite. Now the market right now is flooded with one brand that everybody knows due to the hype...

US Veteran Seeks Funding for Virtual Reality PTSD Treatment

There's no denying the fact that PTSD is a serious issue for returning war veterans across the world, but unfortunately, many aren't getting the help they need to adapt back into a normal home...
Motorola Moto X

The 2014 Motorola Moto X Android Smartphone

Motorola is giving it another shot and is trying to get back in the game with its new flagship phone the Motorola Moto X 2014. Having fallen short with the first Moto X, Motorola...
Samsung Gear S

The Samsung Gear S – A Stand-Alone Smartwatch

Samsung does it again, they are stepping up their innovative concepts with a new Samsung Smartwatch that can now be connected via 3g. What this entails is it wouldn’t need to be tethered or...

Vertu Aster Costs $9,000 – Will Anyone Even Buy it?

We often talk about how high end phones are priced quite expensively, but the new Vertu Aster may just be a handset that changes what it means to be called a pricey device. Whilst we have...
Android lockscreen launcher apps

Awesome Android Lock Screen Launcher Apps

Are you guys bored with the usual stock lock screen options on your android phone? Well, a bunch of developers agree with you on that and if you go on to Google play store...
Sony QX30

The Sony QX30 – Adding Muscle to Your Smartphone Camera

The invention and advancement of smartphones has reached a stage where it can replace other electronic devices of similar functions. I for one don’t really feel the need for me to have a camera...


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