Kindle Fire HD

The $139 Kindle Fire HD Review

Kindle started its tablet business with the main goal of catering to book readers everywhere in the world. With its traditional e-ink technology, it captured the hearts of their niche market by providing a...
Vizio P-series

The Vizio P-Series is Putting Competing TV Brands on the Edge

TVizio has just released its line of budget friendly UHD TV sets with 5 different models that are currently putting a bit more pressure to the other more well known brands such as Samsung,...
Dell Venue 8 7000

The Dell Venue 8 7000 a Combination of Slim Design and Great Camera Features

Intel and Dell is proud to announce their latest entry in the mobile device industry. Both companies now boast of having developed the world’s thinnest tablet at present. With just a thickness of only 6mm,...
Lenovo Yoga tablet 2

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 – What You Get When Developers Listens to Customers

If you're to be asked about the innovations that you want in a device and the developers apply it, won’t that make you a happy consumer? Of course, they can’t put everything you want in it...

Vertu Aster Costs $9,000 – Will Anyone Even Buy it?

We often talk about how high end phones are priced quite expensively, but the new Vertu Aster may just be a handset that changes what it means to be called a pricey device. Whilst we have...

New MacBook’s Have Finally Been Released Into the Open

Apple this year at the WWDC finally released their new line up of Macbook’s. Which is allowing rumors to leave the MacBook station and jump on to a new train, and my guess is...

Anymote – The Ultimate Remote Control to Manage Your Home

Good news for couch potatoes everywhere. One your of dream devices is finally becoming reality with Anymote universal remote. No, it doesn’t respond to voice commands and have an awesome self –aware AI just...
Samsung Gear S

The Samsung Gear S – A Stand-Alone Smartwatch

Samsung does it again, they are stepping up their innovative concepts with a new Samsung Smartwatch that can now be connected via 3g. What this entails is it wouldn’t need to be tethered or...

The 4 Sturdiest Smartphones You Can Buy Today

So, after all of the drama surrounding the iPhone 6 Plue bendgate issue, I thought it would only make sense to take a venture down the other end of the scale. We've seen weak,...

Competition Aside, Here are 4 Uses for the HTC RE

If you're not too interested in the brand new Desire Eye 'selfie phone' from HTC, you may instead be more curious about the RE, a new camera device that has been suggested to be...


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