Adobe Releases New Mobile Apps for the IOS

Here’s some good news for all you techie artist out there. Adobe has just recently released mobile apps with artistic applications that no one has ever seen before. The releases of 7...

Competition Aside, Here are 4 Uses for the HTC RE

If you're not too interested in the brand new Desire Eye 'selfie phone' from HTC, you may instead be more curious about the RE, a new camera device that has been...
HTC Desire Eye

HTC Desire Eye – Another Phone that’s Great for Selfies

Selfies! Let me just go ahead and get it out my system by saying I'm not a huge fan of it. But hey, it’s part of life now. Pop culture and social...
Pronto 12

Pronto 12 – Charge your Smartphone Battery in No Time

So how fast is fast enough when it comes to charging your smartphone battery? 1 hour? 30-40 minutes? Apparently a kickstarter company didn’t think that was fast enough and invented the...
Google glass text-to-speech

Google Glass Speech-to-Text Function

Every once in a while, an innovative function is applied to a certain technology that enriches the lives of people in a deeper level. When it is applied for the greater...
Netflix logo

Netflix Bags Exclusive Rights to Four Adam Sandler Movies

In the media right now, Netflix is the place to be. Never mind HBO or AMC or any of the other cable channels that you might shell out extra for, Netflix gives us...

LG G Watch R Finally Gets Release Date

The newest smart watch device by LG, the G Watch R, has finally received a release date for South Korea. Whilst LG are reluctant to reveal release details for the rest...

The Android Financial Report: Samsung Sees Decline, HTC Sees Small Profit

Both Samsung and HTC have released their financial reports for quarter 3 of 2014, and it has been revealed that whilst Samsung is still bringing in the big bucks, their profits...
Pavlok Wristband

Pavlok Wristband Literally Shocks the Slacker Out of You

This new contraption got me laughing, and in one way made me realize how much I need it. It definitely beats other health bands when it comes to motivating its wearers. The...
LG 34UC97

The LG 34UC97 is a Beautifully Curved 34”inch Monitor

On one of our earlier articles we talked about 5 gadgets that are going to be big this year, one of them being the curved monitor. Samsung has already showed its...