Angry Birds Hitting Consoles, But Is It Worth The Purchase?

Rovio captured casual gaming lightning in a bottle with their Angry Birds franchise. But will the birds break though the barrier to consoles with as much ease as they have elsewhere?

Capcom Vancouver Lays Off 7%

We've talked at length before about Capcom's increasing woes as of late. While they are starting to produce better quality games, nothing can shield the fact that they are still in...

Project Cars Release Date Announced

Racing fans will be happy to know that the highly anticipated sim game, Project Cars, will be coming to a system near you on November 21st, if you're in Europe that...

Max Payne 3 Review: Rockstar Brings the Payne

There was a time when Max Payne was the toughest character in video games. In the original two games, Max was fast, unstoppable, and always with a witticism about his increasingly...

Why the Current Console Generation Needs To End

  Video game sales of late have been rather lackluster. Independent games have been thriving due to their low production costs, but triple A games have had a very difficult time being...

DMC Box Art Revealed

There have been few game reboots as controversial as the Devil May Cry reboot. Many of the series' dedicated fans just could not get past the reboot's version of Dante who...

Valve Creating Left 4 Dead Prequel With Overkill

The zombie genre is one that just does not seem to die (quite literally). But that's okay, because zombies are the most fun things in the world to dismember (at least...

Minecraft Players Build In-Game Hard Drives

Although it started out as a glitchy alpha with a whole lot of potential, Minecraft has grown into a very big deal. Originally created by Markus “Notch” Persson, Mojang Studios soon...

New Resident Evil Revelations 2 Details

Capcom unveiled today the first details surrounding the recently announced survival horror game, Resident Evil Revelations 2. The highly anticipated game stars Claire Redfield, a fan favorite and series regular, and...

Harley Quinn’s Revenge Review

  Batman: Arkham City recently made our list of the top five best superhero games ever. Its dedication towards telling the best Batman story possible paired with exhilarating gameplay made you actually...