New GTA V Screens Debut and Possible Red Dead Sequel On the Way!

Not even a full day after we talked about GTA V on here has Rockstar Games debuted two new screenshots for the fans. The screenshots give us a better look at...

Has Resident Evil Lost Its Way?

Resident Evil is arguably the king of survival horror. Capcom has seen to it that it stands out as one of their flagship titles and has earned a legendary status. But...

Halo 4 Special Edition Xbox Official!

These days it seems like you can't release a video game without having some kind of special edition to go with it, so why would we expect Halo 4, the return...

Could Microsoft Buy Activision?

There have been serious rumblings in the gaming world lately that Activision, makers of the hit MMO World of Warcraft, may find themselves with a new parent company in the form of Microsoft.

Horror Game 101

Horror games have come a long way. They started out as little more than text based adventures and have evolved into a genre that can offer either sophisticated, slow burn psychological horror...

Capcom Vancouver Lays Off 7%

We've talked at length before about Capcom's increasing woes as of late. While they are starting to produce better quality games, nothing can shield the fact that they are still in...

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

It's been a relatively eventful week for Final Fantasy fans as heated rumors began to circulate that no only had Square Enix canceled development of Final Fantasy XIII, a game that...

Top Five Best Superhero Games

It was recently announced, in a rather hilarious fashion, that Marvel Entertainment was going to be bringing fan favorite character Deadpool to consoles in his own video game from High Moon...

Harley Quinn’s Revenge Review

  Batman: Arkham City recently made our list of the top five best superhero games ever. Its dedication towards telling the best Batman story possible paired with exhilarating gameplay made you actually...

Why the Current Console Generation Needs To End

  Video game sales of late have been rather lackluster. Independent games have been thriving due to their low production costs, but triple A games have had a very difficult time being...