Destiny ‘Most Successful New Game Launch Ever’

It has barely been two days since the highly anticipated launch of Destiny finally arrived all across the world. After millions and millions of pre-orders, patiently waiting in line or for...

Why the Current Console Generation Needs To End

  Video game sales of late have been rather lackluster. Independent games have been thriving due to their low production costs, but triple A games have had a very difficult time being...

Harley Quinn’s Revenge Review

  Batman: Arkham City recently made our list of the top five best superhero games ever. Its dedication towards telling the best Batman story possible paired with exhilarating gameplay made you actually...

DMC Box Art Revealed

There have been few game reboots as controversial as the Devil May Cry reboot. Many of the series' dedicated fans just could not get past the reboot's version of Dante who...

Microsoft Reportedly Buying Minecraft Dev Mojang Studios for $2 Billion

A simple game of block-based building, Minecraft has rocketed to the top of sales charts, having sold over 50 million copies across PC, consoles and mobile platforms. Starting off as an incredibly...

Could Microsoft Buy Activision?

There have been serious rumblings in the gaming world lately that Activision, makers of the hit MMO World of Warcraft, may find themselves with a new parent company in the form of Microsoft.

Minecraft Players Build In-Game Hard Drives

Although it started out as a glitchy alpha with a whole lot of potential, Minecraft has grown into a very big deal. Originally created by Markus “Notch” Persson, Mojang Studios soon...

Microsoft Officially Buys Mojang

This morning, Microsoft announced that they have officially purchased Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, for $2.5 billion dollars. There have been rumors circulating the industry recently that this was going to...

Halo 4 Special Edition Xbox Official!

These days it seems like you can't release a video game without having some kind of special edition to go with it, so why would we expect Halo 4, the return...

Valve Creating Left 4 Dead Prequel With Overkill

The zombie genre is one that just does not seem to die (quite literally). But that's okay, because zombies are the most fun things in the world to dismember (at least...