Is the New Tomb Raider Really Going into Uncharted Territory?

Uncharted Territory Tomb Raider used to be the top gaming franchise around. Lara Croft's adventures on the original Playstation were lightning in a bottle. You'd fend off wolves, dinosaurs, bats, death traps,...

Gaming Review: Logitech G510

When it comes to highly competitive gaming, one of the best known and trusted brands is Logitech. Logitech has not only been around for years but is a brand which is...

New GTA V Screens Debut and Possible Red Dead Sequel On the Way!

Not even a full day after we talked about GTA V on here has Rockstar Games debuted two new screenshots for the fans. The screenshots give us a better look at...

Could Microsoft Buy Activision?

There have been serious rumblings in the gaming world lately that Activision, makers of the hit MMO World of Warcraft, may find themselves with a new parent company in the form of Microsoft.

Project Cars Release Date Announced

Racing fans will be happy to know that the highly anticipated sim game, Project Cars, will be coming to a system near you on November 21st, if you're in Europe that...

PSN Hack Scare

Sony seems to have definitely won out with Gamescom thus far with their announcement of new, innovative titles for their exclusive line of PS3 games. The only thing that could possibly...

DMC Box Art Revealed

There have been few game reboots as controversial as the Devil May Cry reboot. Many of the series' dedicated fans just could not get past the reboot's version of Dante who...

Why Sony Could Own the Next Console Generation

We've talked before about why the next console generation needs to come quickly if video game sales are going to improve. But once we actually reach the next generation who is...

Max Payne 3 Cheaters To Face a Unique Punishment

Cracking Down on Online Game Hacking Rockstar Games is awesome. They've not only made some of the coolest games of all time, but they handle their customers in ways that other game...

Wolfenstein 3D Returns on it’s 20th Anniversary

Wolfenstein 3d Originally published through Apogee and developed by "id Software" in 1992 with a WWII era game style. It was a one of a kind during it's time. Sure it's...